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    We’ve Come to Bring You Joy! We’ve Come to Bring You Peace! We’ve Come to Give You Love!

    THE BLACK GOSPEL ANGELS are an American Gospel Choir formed in 2015 by Gospel Icon, Rose Watson, and featuring Gospel Legend, Queen Yahna. Among the best choirs in the world, their vibrant love for music and deep faith in God merge to produce musical masterpieces for audiences around the globe.


    Sometimes quiet and inspiring like a spark, and at other times, melodic and explosive like fireworks: the BLACK GOSPEL ANGELS inspire audiences with every pitch of every song, in every church and every city. After the enormous success of their 2017 touring season, this dynamic team led by Lady Rose Watson is poised to establish themselves as one of Europe’s top selling shows.

    Showing the global appeal of this dynamic group, critics were amazed to see the usually conservative European audiences stand, jump, stomp and cheer in expressions of pure exhilaration. Melding a soulful mix of traditional gospel music and contemporary rhythms and beats, with the classical sounds of blues and jazz, Lady Rose Watson and the Black Gospel Angels have created a spectacular show that leaves audiences wanting more.


    Preparing now for their 2018 Tour Season, Lady Rose Watson and the Black Gospel Angels are excited to bring their dynamic, high-energy gospel concert to a city near you. With unique rhythm and style, and thrilling acapella songs that left audiences standing in ovation, Lady Rose Watson, together with the soulful voices of the Black Gospel Angels are ready to inspire and bring the sound of gospel music to the masses.

  • We're God's Angels

    What motivates this group to cross continents? The answer is direct and simple: they’ve come to bring you peace, they’ve come to bring you joy, they’ve come to bring you life: they are God’s Angels.

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